Board Customers Safely
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Using a boat ladder or aluminum ladder can be very dangerous.  The boat display steps allow for your customers to have easy, safe access to the boats on display at your boat dealership or boat show. They will feel comfortable climbing aboard utilizing steps that includes handle rails.  These steps come in several heights –

3 – Step Boat Stairs (28″ highest step x 30″ wide)

4 – Step Boat Stairs (37″ highest step x 30″ wide)

5 – Step Boat Stairs (47″ highest step x 30″ wide)

6 – Step Boat Stairs (57″ highest step x 30″ wide)

7 – Step Boat Stairs (67″ highest step x 36″ wide)

We also offer aluminum jet ski display stands which hold up to three jet skis. These display racks are perfect for dealerships to display their jetski skis.



Protect Your Boats & Yourself

Using steps that are not specific heights for your boat can cause damage.  Our steps have a poly bumper on them so when resting against the boat they will not cause any damage to the boat. Select the options single rail system allowing customers to board safely while protecting the engine cowlings.



Maneuver Anywhere

All of our steps come with standard 8″ wheels, allowing them to be moved easily across pavement, concrete or carpet. Should steps be moved from one boat to another, just lift, wheel and roll. There is no dragging, damage or scrapes from moving the steps around.


Boat Show Display

Boat Show Display

Use Again and Again

Unlike other competitor steps, our aluminum boat steps are built to last a lifetime. Constructed of durable, marine-grade aluminum and TIG welded, our steps can hold upward of 350 lbs at one time. Can your plastic boat steps do that? 


Custom Boat Show Display

Custom Boat Show Displays

Getting customers on board safely at boat shows, yet displaying all of your boats nicely can be a difficult task.  Dougherty Manufacturing has designed an aluminum, modular boat show display system, complete with signage, which allows you to achieve both.  Please call us for a quote specifically designed for your dealership and the boats your company displays.

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